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deceased 161 battery personnel deceased vietnam veterans
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deceased vietnam veterans

New Zealand Military Force Vietnam War Visitor Listings
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Since 1972, a significant number of personnel have passed away following their military service for the New Zealand Defence Force in South Vietnam during years from 1964 to 1972.

An official nominal roll was never maintained of personnel who served for New Zealand Defence Force during the Vietnam war. It was by chance a military officer intercepted pay books on their way to destruction. From those books the officer created an unofficial nominal roll listing those who served and with which sub-unit. Some names on the list are repeated within various sub-units where an individual served more than one tour of duty.

A count of all names determined that just over 3200 personnel actually served, given those with two or more tours of duty.


The purpose of this site is to list deceased New Zealand Defence Force personnel following their service in South Vietnam in order that a pattern of causation can be determined, such as deaths from cancers.

Of significance in the early 1980's an apparent causation of death was from abnormal health diseases and disorders, especially from cancer types that were uncommon, such as soft tissue sarcoma. At that time the stastical records indicated the USA population norm for that cancer as being 4:1000,00. Forty years later, in 2010, the United Kingdom had a population of 62.77 million people, of whom 3300 were reported with soft tissue sarcoma.

Another factor highlighting the issues evident among Vietnam veterans was a disparity of the abnormal health diseases and disorders within that group and those who had served only in Malaysia and Borneo and not Vietnam. The types of abnormal health diseasea and disorders were not being reported or recorded as predominant for the latter group, this remains the case in 2016.

The listing is on the basis of:
The list does include those killed in action during tour of duty in South Vietnam.

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    Deceased New Zealand Vietnam veteran details.

New Zealand Military Visitors

Total served: 000 Total deceased: 23 Percentage deceased: 0.0%  Back to Index
No. Service No. Last Name Init's Year Age Sub-unit Causation Other Conditions
001 30140 Ainge R W NK NK Visitor Cancer NK
002 30426 Bath F B 1992 NK Visitor NK NK
003 568083 Bell D A NK NK Visitor NK NK
004 30254 Bell P H NK NK Visitor NK NK
005 205128 Bennett I B 1994 NK Visitor Cancer NK
006 71088 Bridge K D 1986 NK Visitor NK NK
007 31357 Brooke J NK NK Visitor Brain Tumour NK
008 37361 Bulmer J E 1987 NK Visitor NK NK
009 3555 Carr L G 1990 NK Visitor, RNZN NK NK
010 73252 Elliott W 1996 NK Visitor NK NK
011 378672 Fitness L D NK NK Visitor NK NK
012 72691 Gable D A 1996 NK Visitor, RNZAF NK NK
013 82609 Garmonsway M B 1988 NK Visitor, RNZIR NK NK
014 P34168 Macaskill K I 1994 NK Visitor, RNZIR NK NK
015 206376 Mallasch T J NK NK Visitor NK NK
016 NK McKinnon W S NK NK Visitor NK NK
017 30251 Poananga B M 1995 NK Visitor, RNZIR Alziehmers NK
018 70030 Quill S G 1984 NK Visitor NK NK
019 34447 Stott S 1990 NK Visitor NK NK
020 30011 Thornton L W NK NK Visitor NK NK
021 359576 Wallace G A C 1993 NK Visitor NK NK
022 30099 Webb R J NK NK Visitor NK NK
023 481879 Lucas N A 2007 NK Visitor, RNZIR NK NK

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