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New Zealand vietnam veterans deceased vietnam veterans
nz vietnam veterans
deceased vietnam veterans
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Abbreviation NK = Not Known

Edited 24 May 2004
Since 1972, a significant number of personnel have passed away following their military service for the New Zealand Defence Force in South Vietnam during years from 1964 to 1972.

An official nominal roll was never maintained of personnel who served for New Zealand Defence Force during the Vietnam war. It was by chance a military officer intercepted pay books on their way to destruction. From those books the officer created an unofficial nominal roll listing those who served and with which sub-unit. Some names on the list are repeated within various sub-units where an individual served more than one tour of duty.

A count of all names determined that just over 3200 personnel actually served, given those with two or more tours of duty.

The purpose of this site is to list deceased New Zealand Defence Force personnel following their service in South Vietnam in order that a pattern of causation can be determined, such as deaths from cancers.

The email posting block below can be used to notify us of a New Zealand Vietnam veteran who has passed on to a final parade with former comrades in arms. There is also provision for advising of funeral service details.

Firstly, enter your own name in the first field below. You will understand it is important that such a notice can be validated before posting on the internet, your details remain confidential.

As the next thing, enter the location of where you are residing and then enter your email address. After that, enter details of the deceased and then click on the send button.

Following verification, the details will then be posted on the funeral notice website.

The information entered on a main page for historical and research purposes includes:

  • Service number
  • Given last name
  • First name initials
  • Age
  • Sub-unit
  • Reported cause of death [Causation]
  • Year of death
  • Other reported medical conditions

Enter details in the text message block below. Please ensure your name and email contact address is entered in the message.

Where required information is unavailable to you, please enter Unknown.

Click on the email form Send button after information is entered.

  'In Honour of Military Service to New Zealand'  

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You are not obliged to respond to anything else other than clicking on the CONFIRMATION button.
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